The research is in progress, but many people have been living it for years: Cannabis can heal addiction!
Cannabis heals the endocannabinoid system that has been damaged by alcohol and pharmaceutical drug addiction as well as street drug addiction!!!
Cannabis treats the addicted mind!
This is a page by people who want to learn about how cannabis heals the brain from addiction as well as homeostasis in the body and mind! We are researching and sharing what we learn about cannabis as a medicine.
GmaMaggic420 is a grandma who has been in search of healthier options for her disabling physical and mental conditions.

She has been a legal medical cannabis patient since 2008 and has travelled the country extensively learning and teaching about this plant. She is finishing her Bachelor’s of Arts, majoring in creative non-fiction writing. She has 25 years of experience researching medical topics.


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  1. What’s on my mind?

    Well this morning we were surfing the FB and discovered our good friend Maggie’s Blog all about the goodness of what Marijuana can do for all that wants and needs a way off the treadmill of either Government or state and even private prescription drug addiction that is being pushed along by every major pharmaceutical corporation in the name of PROFITS!!!

    Maggie has been on both sides of this hot button issue for a very long time and has seen a lot of bullsh*t along the path. With her husband Keith they set out on a mission that so far has taken them through the foolishness and disinformation that clouds the main issue about what Medical Marijuana is but also what it can do for anyone who needs an alternative form of medicine for serious conditions that include many forms of autism and dementia(so far the “mainstream” Pharmaceutical companies haven’t gotten close to either fixing these disorders or at the least making life better for anyone that has them)

    So if you get the chance please take a look at her blogspot site and leave a comment or better yet share and experience that you have had with Medical Marijuana

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