Cannabis is NOT Disruptive to the Community!

Okay, I am on a rant again. But seriously, I have had ENOUGH of the “effect on the community” of dispensaries and MMJ co-ops!
I read this phrase in an article this morning, reminding me of my outrage:
“medical marijuana facilities, which are scattered along Colorado Boulevard and Eagle Rock Boulevard, are disruptive to the community because they tend to attract drug-dealing customers and people who smoke dope openly in public.”
 FIRST, the studies I have read (reading and researching is something I do DAILY when ON cannabis), actually show a marked DECREASE in crime rates around dispensaries. 

SECOND, “smoking dope” is NOT how we usually describe medicating, however, what is wrong with medicating in public? Many people drink soda pop or coffee in public which contains a VERY strong drug that has the potential to kill people.

THIRD, I have heard of MANY people who have either imbibed large amounts of alcohol or even caffeine, who are VERY “disruptive to the community,” but not many “stoners.” Personally, I have found most stoners to be disruptive to the “community” only insomuch as becoming more aware of their health and attempting to enact CHANGE and health for all. A desire to share their enLIGHTEnment.

FOURTH, regarding the laws and ordinances against access points in close vicinity of schools. I could go into the accessibility of alcohol or tobacco or any number of substances which are actually DEADLY (unlike cannabis) and sold at groceries next to schools on a daily basis. The point, however, is that providing access points to patients (who could be of any age) is NOT harmful to children. 
It is far past time for us to stand up and stop allowing restrictions of access points to our medication. Cannabis is about HEALING. Stop allowing it to be sucked back into the abyss of ignorance. EDUCATE and EnLIGHTEn your neighbors and friends. Stop preaching to the choir, EDUCATE your pastors, teachers and grocers!
Love and Lighte!

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