Last year, when I met my friend Carol in southern Illinois, during our campaigning to Springfield legislators, four of us came up with an idea about an organization called “P.E.A.C.E.: Pathways to Effective Active Cannabis Education.

Pathways due to the fact that there would be very many different methods or paths that could be funded by PEACE.

One of those paths was a traveling teacher. Me. Someone to distribute learning material across the nation to people about cannabis sativa (including industrial hemp) and cannabis indica and what types of benefit they are to living organisms as well as the benefits to our earth.

The trip that I have now started, to travel across from one Washington to the other, gathering a convoy with us as we go is just the beginning. 

As we travel, we will be bringing materials for sale (by friends who are writers & have entrusted us with their materials) as well as free magazines supplied by Cannabis Health News Magazine.

Apparently the person who was entrusted with the legal tasks of creating the non profit corp of PEACE did not follow through. Therefor, there is currently no P.E.A.C.E.

I will be looking to find people who are interested in becoming a part of PEACE by becoming members of the nonprofit’s board of directors. I will also be obtaining more legal advice in regards to continuing the effort to create this nonprofit.

There will be PEACE on Earth…. well, at least in my Maggic corner of it.


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