Overgrow Flyers Day One

In preparation of the adventure I am undertaking; I want to let everyone know how much I appreciate all of their interest in my life and my goals.

I LOVE helping people. It IS what I live for. That is WHY I support Industrial Hemp and Cannabis.

Within those goals, my next adventure (Maggic Road to Overgrow) is one where I will be traveling across this country gathering a convoy of patients & activists as I go towards the protest “Overgrow the Government” in Washington DC on April 20th.

We will be accepting donations of support along the way, as well as picking up any willing participant as we go. This will be a convoy.

For those interested supporting such an effort, I will be keeping a daily blog about our adventures, and the URL for that blog will be exclusively shared with supporters.

We will be looking for ALL types of support.

As we travel, we will be camping and seeing this beautiful nation. We will also be educating & distributing educational materials about industrial hemp and medical cannabis. I am looking for good sources of easily distributable educational materials as well.

Please help me in my quest to share LOVE and LIGHTE with the entire nation as we do our best to help the United States progress the ignorance of prohibition to the enLIGHTEnment of legal industrial hemp & cannabis. This CAN be achieved!

Love and Lighte, I am off to print flyers for Overgrow & meet new people in my old home town! Have a WONDERFUL day!!!! — in Olympia.


One thought on “Overgrow Flyers Day One

  1. I hope all is well with you! You just kind of *disappeared* on Fb, I'm not going to lie…I'm concerned. But you should know me and what I *expect* everyone too do… I'm printing my book(100 done) and the offer still stands.

    You know where I am. 0>:-) I'm not going anywhere! lmao
    Live/Love/Lighte! <3
    Keith Floyd


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