Child Abuse

Her mom thinks I am joking, but I am more than ready to kidnap her youngest child.

One more beating I have to listen to…. and yet it’s not my role.
I can NOT listen to it. I CAN NOT abide by it. I MUST leave. But when I leave, what will happen? Will she stop beating them when they no longer have an audience of a “stranger”… will it be worse??

Either way, by leaving, am I doing anything good? Am I just hiding the situation from my own eyes?

I am VERY aware of the fact that I am a stranger, and an “audience”. But, will the removal thereof do ANY good for the two children in question?

My uncomfortability is mine. I am VERY uncomfortable around children being spanked and yelled at. I was not the best parent, myself, having episodes of very psycho behavior including mood swings and yelling. I even hit my children occasionally. I am VERY sorry about that. I would have been SHATTERED if anyone would have taken my children.

What is the solution??? I don’t know. The parent in question, I had never even met until a few days ago. Not my business. But when that two year old baby looks into my eyes with those beautiful brown eyes, WHAT do I tell HER???? 


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